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20 years


Two decades of history

We are an Angolan law firm, with two decades of history and a deep commitment to excellence, ethics, knowledge , sustainability and the future, especially with the future of Angola, as our history merges with the history of our country.


Let's go further


Reinforcing knowledge

Since 2004, we are proud to have trained several Lawyers and professionals, who today represent the best of Angolan law , working in the Academy, in the Courts, in Public Institutions, Large companies, inside and outside the country, proving excellence and raising the name of legal professionals.

We take the name of Angola and the example of our legal capacity further, either through awards and appointments in international directories, or through collaboration with the best lawyers from other jurisdictions, celebrating successful partnerships with Lex Africa and also with Abreu Advogados network, thus reaching the 4 corners of the world.

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Our commitment

Today we are around 20 professionals, different from each other, but united by the same values, motivated and proud of our common project and the unique dedication we have to our clients. A dedication that expands. A commitment that multiplies and is renewed every year.

Our commitment to the community

We have a strong connection with the Angolan community. Social responsibility is important to us and we want to contribute to the progress and quality of life of the communities where we work. We participate in social responsibility programs, help local projects and work with organizations to make a difference.


Our commitment to excellence

We support our clients in all their challenges, projects and ambitions, so that they can overcome themselves daily. From the quality of our services to the professionalism of our team, we always strive to go beyond expectations.


Our commitment to ethics

Ethics is one of the foundations of our work. Our conduct is guided by high ethical standards. We commit to acting with transparency and respect for ethical rules and values in all our interactions.


Our commitment to knowledge

We embrace knowledge as a fundamental tool for success. We continually invest in the development of our team, training and legal research. We believe that knowledge is power and we are committed to training.

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In 20 years the world has changed and we have followed this change.


In the year in which we celebrate 20 years of history, we renew our commitment to the future.


We aim to create, innovate, grow, help others grow and have practice in the future.

20 years of a renewed commitment to the future.

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