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Privatization Program Extension (PROPRIV)

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It was recently published in the Official Gazette Presidential Decree No. 78/23, of March 28, on the subject of the Extension of the Privatization Program for the period 2023-2026, known as “PROPRIV”.


With the extension of the deadline for execution and updating of PROPRIV, the Angolan State intends to complete the restructuring processes of companies and assets of national reference, shareholding companies and assets of Sonangol, Industrial Units of the ZEE and other assets and companies, within the Angolan Public Sector.


Of the major changes set forth by this diploma, we highlight the registration of new assets and State participations in PROPRIV, whose list now includes 6 (six) new companies of national reference, 1 (one) new participated company, 16 (sixteen) new industrial units in the ZEE and 4 (four) new other assets.


For ease of reference, please find below an outline evidencing the new companies of national reference now in the pipeline for privatization:




We would also like to highlight that of the 73 (seventy-three) companies and assets that the Angolan State intends to privatize, 62 (sixty-two) should start in the course of the current year 2023 and the remaining 11 (eleven), only in 2024, among others, SONANGOL, ENDIAMA, BODIVA, TAAG, ALDEIA NOVA, S.A., NOVA CIMANGOLA, S.A. MUNDIAL SEGURO and TV Zimbo.


For further information about PROPRIV and of the companies that are part of the program, feel free to contact us.

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