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The practice of law at FBL Advogados is governed by a strict ethical code, based on the independence of its lawyers and on the refusal of any kind of commitment or connection of a political, economic, religious or other nature.


We strive for rigour in the conduct of all our teams and for the quality of the services provided by our lawyers. We seek to meet the challenges presented by our clients, with a 360º vision that integrates the collaboration of our various areas of practice, ensuring that the solutions presented can, in fact, bring added value to our clients.


Our firm favours a personal relationship with clients and a follow-up that goes beyond the mere provision of technical-legal services, seeking to provide clients with global advice that takes into account a multidisciplinary approach to the challenges placed before us.


At FBL Advogados we do more than apply the law and provide legal support to our clients. We are committed to the success of their projects and, therefore, we strive to support them in the search for innovative solutions and in their practical implementation, not only in Angola but also in other countries where they develop their activity, through collaboration with law firms with whom we maintain strong professional relationships.


FBL Advogados' culture is based on creating an excellent working environment, in which each of its professionals finds room for personal and professional fulfilment.


We believe that people come first and foremost, which is why we align the firm's objectives with the expectations of each of our employees. For this reason, we foster a culture of merit, responsibility and commitment among our professionals, actively promoting teamwork.

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